Foreign Policy

Majoritarian: Pennsylvanian National Guard
Summary: This program is conducted in Pennsylvania and members of the program travel around the world to aid other countries.
Conservative View: The Conservatives view the Pennsylvanian National Guard as a functional system for providing humanitarian aid, but they would prefer the money be spent on something else that personally benefits the country.
Democratic View: The Democrats strongly support the Pennsylvanian National Guard because it shows the United States' hospitality. They support aiding other countries with tax money.

Who Pays: The Pennsylvanian National Guard is funded by taxes. This means that everyone pays for this program to exist.
Who Benefits: This program travels around the world and aids them. Everyone benefits.

Interest Group: AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee)
Summary: The AIPAC was developed in order to defend Israel from accusations.
Conservative View: The Conservatives view the AIPAC as a great program because they have recognized Israel as an ally of the United States.
Democratic View: Democrats view the AIPAC as an evil corporation designed to destroy the rights of others. Democrats are for Palestine being recognized as a country.

Who Pays: The AIPAC is funded by donations, meaning a small group pays.
Who Benefits: Only a small group, specifically the Israelis, benefit from this group. Israel is only a small country within the entire world.

Client Politics: Cuban Embargo Act (2002)
Summary: A foreign policy established during the reign of Jimmy Carter. This act was established to seize trade with Cuba.
Conservative View: Conservatives first saw Cuba as a threat during the Cold War and they remain to see Cuba as a threat now. So, they are for the Cuban Embargo Act.
Democratic View: Democrats, like Conservatives, saw the Cuba as a threat during the Cold War, but do not view them as a threat now. For the most part, Democrats want to remove the Cuban Embargo Act.

Who Pays: Essentially, this program is funded by Americans with their tax money.
Who Benefits: Only the businesses involved in the act benefit from the embargo.

Entrepreneurial: Global Health Foundation
Summary: Bill Gates’ health foundation travels around the world curing a variety of diseases, not only because it’ll help the specific country, but also because it’ll help the world considering the diseases will never infect again.
Conservative View: Conservatives view the Global Health Foundation as an act of kindness and it benefits the world. However, the fact that Americans are supporting other countries might displease them.
Democratic View: The Democrats view the Global Health Foundation as a vital program. Most Democrats support foreign aid.

Who Pays: A small group pays, specifically Bill Gates and his foundation.
Who Benefits: Bill Gates helps the entire world.