Environmental Public Policy:

Entrepreneurial- The EPA receives funding from industries to pay for Clean Water Act, all people who drink tap water benefit. The EPA is putting regulations in place to all industries that create pollutants and release them into water systems that eventually turn into drinking water. This will reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in drinking water, making it safer and better for the general public.

Liberal- Everyone has a right to clean water and they will finally get it.
Conservative- High government regulation through the EPA.

Majoritarian- Every household would pay to enact the regulations of the policy which will help stop pollution and other harmful emissions.

Liberal- It will help the environment.
Conservsative- Every pays for it with taxes.


Interest Group- The Coalition for Buzzards Bay receives funding through donations and small member fees to help improve the land and water quality of Buzzards Bay. They are taking preventative measures to preserve the Bay.

Liberal- The Coalition's mission is to help the environment.
Conservative- Regulated by the government through the EPA.


Client- The PFB (Pennsylvania Farm Bureau) distributes incoming tax money to farmers from the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act).

Liberal- Farmers are being encouraged to work.
Conservative- Farmers benefit from taxes under this legislation.