Entrepreneurial: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Summary: A new law describing modern regulations which are to be implemented throughout the food and drug industry, which are meant to better the safety of the industry. The Act gives the FDA the ability to order a recall instead of requesting one from companies.
Conservative View: The F.S.M.A gives further power to a government agency that already has a huge amount of authority. The act doesn't take scale into account and the new regulations will hurt smaller farms and facets of the food industry.
Liberal View: This law allows more decisive action when outbreaks or violations of food/drug safety occur. By allowing the FDA to order a recall immediately instead of requesting that the company decide to do so, outbreaks of things like e-coli can be contained much faster. The new regulations insure safety and scale, though left to the discretion of the FDA, is included in the bill.
Who Pays: The companies must pay for the implementation of new regulations
Who Benefits: The America people and anyone else who could potentially consume the products of the affected companies.

Client: Tax cuts/breaks within Pennsylvania

Summary: Gov. Corbett approved $200 million in tax cuts for businesses in the hopes of spurring business spending in the state. The cuts allow businesses to write off the cost of expenses in one year instead of over several years.

Conservative View: The tax cuts will spark corporate spending on things such as equipment which will pump up demand and help the economy.
Liberal View: The $200 million would be better spent on individual taxpayers instead of corporations. During a budget crisis like the one Pennsylvania is facing now, the state can not afford to give these cuts to corporations.
Who Pays: The Pennsylvanian taxpayer.
Who Benefits: The corporations and businesses who qualify for the cuts.

Majoritarian: United States Budget/Spending Plan
Summary: For months, Congress has been discussing and debating the budget of the country for the next fiscal year. Provisional plans have had to be put in place to avoid a government shutdown until a final resolution is reached.
Conservative View: Massive cuts must be made to reduce spending and the deficit. No program, except perhaps Medicare, is immune to possible cuts.
Liberal View: Cuts to certain social programs will only hurt the country and much of the proposed cuts are ideology based, like those to Planned Parenthood. While cuts are necessary, the kind Republicans are proposing do more harm than good.
Who Pays: The American Taxpayer
Who Benefits: All Americans are affected and benefit from the budget in some way.

Interest Group: Labor Unions
Summary: Labor Unions are organizations meant to preserve and protect workers, their main tool is collective bargaining.They have come under fire in recent months for certain benefits their members recieve.
Conservative View: Unions are too powerful in the industries that they are involved in and their members benefits cost businesses and the economy too much.
Liberal View: Unions insure that workers are not mistreated and their collective bargaining power works because of compromise, they can't just force unreasonable terms.
Who Pays: The members pay dues to fund their union.
Who Benefits: The members benefit from the union helping them.