Supplemental security income- For those that have little to no income. They get a monthly cash paycheck. It is available to people 65 and older, blind and or people with other disabilities and it is also available to children. In the State of Pennsylvania money is added to SSI. A single payment is made up of the Federal SSI payment plus the money added from the supplement from Pennsylvania. It is issued to residents of domiciliary homes ad personal care homes. If a person lives independently they receive a separate payment from Pennsylvania as well as a payment from the SSI.
Client Politics- Benefits a small group of people such as those over 65 and people with disabilities. This is funded by U.S.Treasury General Funds and payroll taxes.
Conservative- May disagree with SSI because of the same reasons with Social security and Medicare more of it is being payed for than what is being spent on it, as well as the high taxes that pay for these programs.
Liberal- Agree with SSI

Education- Education is available for everyone. Schooling is payed from property taxes in the district. If you live in a certain district, your property taxes go to funding that district and its schools.

Majoritarian- Benefits everyone, because public schooling is available to anyone in the united states no matter what your income may be. It is payed by the public through property taxes.
Both- Both Liberals and conservatives agree with Education; it helps create a better future by educating the population so they can handle what is in store for the United States in the future.

National Committee to preserve Social Security and Medicare- This group fights to protect Social security and Medicare. They represent millions nationwide and their mission is to protect, preserve, promote and ensure the Financial security, and the well being of current and future generations of Americans.

Entrepreneurial- This group falls under Entrepreneurial politics because it is a small group paying and representing a large group of people. From their work they help millions of people in America.
Conservative- Conservatives do not agree with Social security and Medicare because they believe the payroll taxes paying for Social security is being paid more than it is being spent, leaving the question where is that extra money going?
Liberal- Fight for this group, they agree with Social security because of the benefits it offers, as well they fight to protect Social security so it helps the well being of Americans and future Americans.

60 Plus Association- This group advocates securing Social security privacy, ending the Federal estate tax, and strengthen gun rights. They also fight against health care reform proposals, federal energy standards, and opposing tax increases. They represent about 5.5 million members and the group is basically a conservative version of the AARP.
Client- This group falls under client politics because they are funded by a small group which is made up of their members and they represent those members in return.
Conservative- Agree with this group because of the advocacy of Social security privacy, end of Federal estate tax, as well as the groups opposition of health care reform, federal energy standards and tax increases.
Liberal- Would oppose this group because of their oppositions of health care reform and tax increases.