Foreign Policy-
War on Terror after 9/11 a war to end terrorism abroad. War started in Iraq and moved to Iran and Afghanistan. War to eliminate Al Qaeda. After the overthrow of Saddam Hessian troops trying to give over control to local government and military.This is a war against threats against America and her interest. This campaign is to stop state sponsored terrorism and enable all countries to fight terrorist groups.
Majoritarian-U.S. pays people benefit from safety and protection.
Conservative - Need to stop terrorist help America defend allies and oil interest
Liberal - We shouldn't fight we should be diplomatic need to worry about other things other then terrorism.

Free Trade Treaty- Start with South Korea and spread throughout Asia to allow free trade between America and Asian countries. This helps allies with America by encouraging more trade between the countries and a stronger unity. This creates a stronger economic for both Countries.Through this treaty we will be able to support our allies in South Korea and push for friendship throughout the Asian region.
Interest Group-small group pays to have free trade and only exporting companies benefit
Both groups agree to treaty but fear outsourcing jobs and aren't sure how the economy will react.

New start treaty- Also known as the strategic arms reduction treaty this treaty will lower nuclear arms in America. This allows both Russia and America to inspect each others nuclear programs. This will in hope lower threat of nuclear attacks and show other nations not to use and create such weapons.This treaty Is largely between Russia and the United States of America.
Entrepreneurial-Military Pays Everyone benefits from less nuclear threat
Conservative- It weakens the nuclear arsenal of America and threatens security
Liberal- Need to pass to put pressure on Iran and keep inspectors in Russia

Libya- Unrest in Libya the rebels are trying to overthrow the dictator. USA is ask to help rebels by creating a No Fly Zone over Libya to help the rebels in their fight against Gaddafi. Many groups are trying to establish this No Fly Zone to help the rebels fight and prevent Gadding from bombing cities with citizens and rebels in it NATO and the Arab Union.
Client-Diplomats benefit through helpful relations American taxpayers pay
Conservative- We should intervene and create a no fly zone. The NATO and United Nations should come together and help Libya.
Liberal- Not because it will take a lot of effort. We should not intervene in other countries affairs.