Group Four

Environmental Public Policy

Entrepreneurial- Company Mandates regarding emissions, etc. The Clean Air Act allows the EPA to regulate how much and what kind of toxins large industries can release. Overall, the businesses are the ones who need to pay while the outcome benefits everyone by protecting the air. In the past 25 years the EPA has created company mandates that both clean up company emissions and also has enforced stronger regulations on the amount and type of emissions a company can have after environmental research.
Liberal Opinion-support, want to control the CO and other emissions of industries
Conservative Opinion-also want to keep the air clean through market-based incentives for companies

Special Interest-Chesapeake Bay Foundation-Works to clean up the bay and pays for lobbying through members contributions, fights for laws and regulations to protect the Chesapeake Bay. Overall a small group (the Mid-Atlantic states) benefit from the programs and legislation. As environmental groups have gained greater interest in the past 25 years, the work of special interest groups has increased.
Liberal Opinion-Support and want to protect national resources through government action, also use scientific information to support claims
Conservative Opinion-Typically don’t use scientific information or believe in environmental problems such as global warming, would limit business and companies in areas

Majoritarian- The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Clean Streams Act- This department and program works to clean up the streams of Pennsylvania using PA tax dollars (everyone pays) but everyone benefits from a cleaner environment. In the past 25 years more regulations have been added to the Act as scientists learn more about what causes water pollution.
Liberal and Conservative Opinion- Both support cleaning up PA waterways

Client Politics- Pesticide Use Control- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tried to regulate what pesticides a farmer can use and control what chemicals are in pesticides. Everyone pays for the program through tax dollars and a small group, farmers, benefit from the program. Except for DDT use, the EPA has had problems enforcing and finding support to limit Pecticide use in the past 25 years because it does limit the yield of farmer's crops.
Liberal Opinion- Support, want to protect environment through government action
Conservative Opinion- Oppose, getting rid of pesticides can hurt crop yield of farmers which impacts the agriculture and food industry