Entrepreneurial Politics- FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
Conservative View: Because the law does not address the scale of operations, small farms vs. agricultural factories, the new regulations will hurt smaller scale farming. The law also gives the FDA further authority over America's agricultural industries and see such power as over-reaching.

Majoritarian Politics- Taxes
Taxes benefit everybody through various ways. Taxes are used to construct an maintain public roads. Taxes also benefit public schools and colleges. Taxes are also used to fund public safety in ways like law enforcement and fire fighters. They are also used to pay for things like the Department of Health and Human Services.

Conservative View: Conservatives believe that tax cuts should be given to the wealthy because they will take that money and invest it back into the economy and start businesses. They also believe that tax cuts are a good way to help the economy. They believe that if people have the money to spend then the economy will start moving. Also, they believe that tax cuts should be given to small business owners to give them enough money to provide more jobs. Conservatives also believe that if you work hard and make money then the government should not take that away from you.

Liberal View: Liberals believe that the tax cuts should be given to the working class. They also believe that taxing the wealthy will provide money that can be put into social programs. Liberals believe that the upper class who makes more money has the means to support the poor so they should be the ones responsible for taking care of them. This is because the liberals believe that you will get nowhere by taxing the poor then giving it back through other means.

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Client Politics- Farm Subsidies
This is an amount of money paid to farmers to supplement their income. This is because the government regulates the amount of crops a farmer should produce and pays the farmer for what they tell them to not grow. This helps to keep the market even. Farmers benefit and everybody pays.

Conservative View: Conservatives want to cut spending in other areas to pay for farm subsidies. One place that cuts would be made from would be the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) also known as the food stamp program. Conservatives like farm subsidies because most of the time it is them that benefit from them.

Liberal View: Liberals believe that we should cut spending on farm subsidies. They believe that the money spent on farm subsidies could and should be spent elsewhere to benefit the general population more. They also disagree with the conservatives about cutting money from food stamps. Liberals believe that the poor deserve all that they can get and rich farmers don't need the money as much.

Interest Group Politics- Labor Unions
Labor Unions standardize workforce regulations. These include a 40 hour work week, overtime pay, paid leave, unemployment benefits, and health insurance for all full time employees. Union teach members about benefits, rights, rules, and procedures but also protect them from unjust firing. Union members also earn about 20% higher wages.

Conservative View: Conservatives believe that unions do not belong in the US. This is because union workers do not make up the majority of the work force yet they strike for higher wages and more benefits. When they go on strike it causes many problems. The company can fall behind on their work and that can cost the company even more money. Also by demanding higher wages the company will have to raise the cost of their products to compensate and that hurts the consumers.

Liberal View: Liberals believe that it is a good idea to have labor unions. This is because the liberals like to help out the little guy. By supporting unions the liberals are helping give power to the work force. By helping them come together they are granting them power in numbers so they can gain fair wages, benefits and compensation for their work. They are also granted certain rights from the union like protection from being fired. Also the unions educate their members about their deserved rights and benefits.