Group Four

Alicia Bordonaro

Idea Development Comments:

Kaitlyn Mumper

Type of Policy: Environmental
Policy: The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Clean Streams Act
  • government
  • water
  • recycle symbol
  • pollution/trash
  • rocks
  • tax dollars

Viewpoints: Both parties support the programs to help clean up streams in PA. Although Republicans lean more towards allowing private groups and organizations to control and contribute to environmental programs. While Democrats prefer to use government programs to help protect the environment.

Type of Policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Education
  • school
  • apple
  • scan trons
  • desks
  • rulers/scissors
  • computers

Against: dumbing down America, lots of testing
For: benefiting students

Type of Policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Preserve Social Security and Medicare
  • social security card
  • health care symbol
  • prescription
  • pills/pill bottle
  • stethoscope
  • money

Against- Do not agree with Social security and Medicare, there is more money going into Social Security then is being used, where is extra money going?
For- Like the benefits it offers, they fight to protect Social security because it helps the well being of Americans and future Americans.

Type of Policy: Economic
Policy: Labor Unions
  • boot
  • construction hat
  • factories/buildings
  • large groups of people
  • fist
  • tools

Against: The basic idea of labor unions is good, but it has been taken too far. Demanding higher wages creates job loss and bankruptcy for the company.

For: Labor unions are good for workers, to protect workers and demand higher wages.

Idea Development Comments:

Courtney Peterson

Labor Unions

Blue collar
Group of People
Arm and fist
Picket sign

Not conducive to work with, too many petty

regulations, help protect worker’s rights


W-4 form
IRS building
Audit Stamper

Better spending habits, people’s taxes shouldn’t go to
programs that don’t benefit them, tax cuts shouldn’t go to people who make billions of dollars.

Foreign Policy
New Start Treaty
Nuclear Bomb
Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Missile
Protects us, makes us more vulnerable to attacks, increases alliance between us and russia

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Fishing Rod

Government shouldn't interfere with private businesses who are working on this, this is our
land, and it is our governments job to protect it, money could be better spent on issues that affect the entire country.

Idea Development Comments:



I'man Watkins

Type Of Policy: (Foreign Policy)
Policy: (War On Terrorism)
Imagery That Reflects Topic:
· Guns
· Alarm
· Soldiers (Army Symbol)
· Bomb
· Explosion
· Army vehicles (helicopters, humvees)
View Points: Pro & Con War, end terrorism, more safety in public travel

Type Of Policy: (Foreign Policy)
Policy: (Free Trade Treaty)
Imagery That Reflects Topic
· Money
· Made In China Sticker
· Shipping Boxes
· Shipping Boats
· Shipping Planes
View Points: Fear of Losing Jobs, Could have bad effects on economy

Type Of Policy: (Social Welfare)
Policy; (Education)
Imagery That Reflects Topic
· Pencil
· Eraser
· Notebook
· Apple
· Teachers
View Points: Teaching Methods, School Hours, School Funding

Type Of Policy: (Social Welfare)
Policy: (Supplemental Security Income)
Imagery That Reflects Topic
· Check
· Crutch
· Red Plus Sign
· Lock
· Social Security Card