Group Three

Corey Hartz

Type of policy: (Environmental)
Policy: (National Disaster)
· Big wave
· Crack in the street
· Helicopters
· Destroyed houses
· News reports

Type of policy: (Foreign Policy)
Policy: (Illegal Immigration)
· Wall
· Border Gate
· Border control people
· Security checks at border lines
· More security people

Type of policy: (Foreign Policy)
Policy: (Food Security)
· Box
· Plane
· Missions
· Taxes
· Person paying for food
· Security checking food

Type of policy: (Foreign Policy)
Policy: (Foreign Aid)
· Ships
· Jets
· Food
· Troops
· Army tanks
· News adds

Idea Development Comments:

Alex Kornfeld

Social Welfare: Welfare Programs
1. food stamps
2. box of cereal
3. grocery bag with fruits and veggies
4. cheese
5. empty pocket
6. hot pockets
Viewpoints: Allows people to not be self-reliant and independent; U.S. should protect the poor; Welfare programs provide fairness and equality.

Social Welfare: Health Care
1. I.V.
2. Insurance card
3. medicine bottle
4. prescription pad
5. stethoscope
6. headstone
Viewpoints: There should be a competitive free-market health care system; Tax payers shouldn't have to fund government run health care; The government should provide low no-cost healthcare.

Environment: PA recycling:
1. Reduce, Reuse, Recyle
2. Recycling symbol
3. recycling bin
4. Garbage can
5. garbage truck
6. Bird with plastic around throat
Viewpoints: Recycling is important for the environment; Everyone should partake in recycling; The government should help pay for recycling funding and proper disposal facilities.

1. apple
2. teacher
3. text books with a flame through it
4. carpet with question marks on it instead of letters.
5. chalk board with miss-spelled words
6. pencil with chew marks
Viewpoints: Vouchers and Charter schools create competition for public school; Public school is the best way to teach students; Charter schools require money that could be used to fund other things like health care for people who cannot afford it.

Idea Development Comments:

Jennifer Paulino

Type of Policy: Environmental
Policy: Recycling
      • Recycling symbol
      • Recycling Bin
      • Stacks of Paper
      • Recycling Truck
      • Dumpster
      • Water Bottle

      • Clean parks
      • Clean Water
      • Fresh Air
Final Structures:
        • A recycling bin covered in papers and bottles
        • A recycling symbol covered in cans and bottles
        • A recycling bin covered in air fresheners

Type of Policy: Environmental
Policy: Natural Disaster Relief
      • First Aid kit
      • Bandage
      • Cross
      • Ambulance
      • Helicopter
      • Stethoscope

      • Slow Relief efforts
      • More money
      • More resources
Final Structures:
        • A bandage covered in different flags
        • A stethoscope covered in money
        • A first aid kit covered in dollar bills
Type of Policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Welfare
      • Money
      • Bank
      • Food Stamps
      • Stack of papers
      • Office Building
      • Check

      • Not beneficial for everyone
      • Makes people lazy
      • Helps the poor
Final Structures:
        • A dollar bill covered in baby bottles and binkies
        • A check covered in baby bottles and binkies
        • A stack of papers covered in baby bottles and binkies
Type of Policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Education
      • “A”
      • Computer
      • Book
      • Desk
      • Pencil
      • Notebook

    • Dumbing down students
    • Does not promote individuality
    • Expensive
Final Structures:
        • A desk covered in dumb-dumbs
        • A book covered in black and white hands
        • A pencil covered in bills and standardized tests

Idea Development Commnets

Kalib Woodall


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