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Majoritarian Politics: Gun Control
The government wants to keep the public safe by implementing regulations and restrictions concerning who can own a gun.
Who Pays: Every citizen that pays their taxes has a portion of them go to background checks.
Who Benefits: Every citizen will benefit if dangerous people are not given guns.
Republican Views: Republicans think that citizens deserve the right to bear arms and oppose the government from performing background checks.
Democratic Views: Democrats want to strengthen gun control by adding mandatory child locks, and requiring a photo license ID, a background check, and a gun safety test to buy a new handgun.

Interest Groups Politics: School Vouchers (PA)
There is a proposed bill that would allow parents to use their tax dollars to fund private schools if they don't have children in public school.
Who Pays: The parents of children attending private or charter schools and people who choose to support and invest their money into private schooling will pay.
Who Benefits: The private and charter schools that receive funding from the school vouchers as well as the families of students attending private schools will benefit.
Republican View: Republicans support the idea of giving children the opportunity to attend whatever school they choose. By giving the option to pay for either private/charter school or public schools, more students will be able to attend private schools.
Democratic View: Democrats support the idea of funding charter and private schools but dislike the idea of taking funding away from public schools.

Client Politics: Health Care Reform
A hot topic in politics right now is how to reform the problematic health care system. Obama has tried to implement his own plan, but is facing strong opposition.
Who Pays: Everyone will pay for health care reform through taxes.
Who Benefits: The health care reform will benefit anyone who does not currently have adequate health care and coverage by guaranteeing everyone sufficient and affordable health care.
Republican Views: Republicans oppose the health care reform and support the interests of taxpayers. They believe that the current system is fine and should not be changed.
Democratic Views: Democrats support health care reform. They want to insure that everyone receives health care. Especially those who are poor and cannot afford it.

Entrepreneurial Politics: Car Safety
The government requires the automobile industry to manufacture cars in accordance with different safety regulations to keep citizens as safe as possible.
Who Pays: Car companies must pay in order to make adjustments and improvements to the vehicles they are selling in order to increase the passenger and driver safety.
Who Benefits: Everyone will benefit from improvements in car safety because of the assurance of safer travel.
Republican Views: Republicans support the Democratic Bill that calls for an increased regulation of car safety.
Democratic Views: Democrats are backing their proposed bill to increase government regulation of car safety.