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Majoritarian Politics: Energy Independence
With the price of oil rising due to conflict in the Middle East, there is a push for finding new sources of energy that do not require us to be dependent on supplies from other countries.
Pays: Federal grants, also states through taxes
Benefits: Everyone
Republicans: They would favor energy independence, oppose cap and trade legislation which imposes taxes on families and small businesses. Republicans would not want to place a burden on citizens and business which because they believe that this legislation would have detrimental effects to their major constituents. .
Democrats: They would want to reduce nations dependence on foreign and unsustainable energy sources, favor limits and regulations. Democrats would want to emphasize job creation with new jobs that promote new forms of energy and they also would approve of the improvement of the countries environmental.

Interest Groups Politics: Marcellus Shale/ Natural Gas (PA)
In Western Pennsylvania, natural gas extraction companies seek to drill in Marcellus shale, a rock formation that also contains harmful chemicals. As a byproduct of this drilling, these chemicals may contaminate local drinking water, endangering public health.
Pays: Gas companies pay citizens to buy or use their land to extract the gas.
Benefits: Profits for companies. If natural gas is extracted it could remove the dependence on other forms of energy.
Republicans: They support the removal of EPA legislation and making it easier for gas companies. This will lead to job creation, economic growth, etc.
Democrats: They do not support natural gas extraction from Marcellus shale due to environmental concerns. They believe hydraulic fracking has serious implications for public health. They seek more stringent EPA legislation.

Client Politics: Fish Lifts in the Susquehanna River (PA)
In the Susquehanna River, the numerous dams have blocked some fishes natural migratory path upstream where they will lay there eggs. The construction of crane-like lifts that would transport the migrating fish over the dams so they can spawn upriver.
Pays: Everyone (all taxpayers)
Benefits: The fish and the environmentalists benefit.
Republicans: Opposed to spending taxpayer money on fish lifts.
Democrats: In full support of environmental protection. The believe the construction of these fish lifts will create jobs and stimulate the local economy.

Entrepreneurial Politics: BP Oil Spill
After the catastrophic BP oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, there was speculation about who would pay for the expensive removal of oil from the water and the coasts.
Pays: BP (British Petroleum)
Benefits: Everyone who lives around the Gulf Coast and is dependent on the national economy
Republicans: They seek a cap on how much BP will be responsible for, reflective of their tendency to protect big businesses.
Democrats: They are in support of BP covering all of the clean-up effort without any limits on how much BP has to spend. They believe no taxpayer money should be used.