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Majoritarian Politics: Economic Reform
America's economy is in a very poor state, and one of the most important issues facing legislators is how to get it back on its feet.
Who Pays: All tax-paying Americans will have a portion of their taxes dedicated to fixing the economy
Who Benefits: Everyone will benefit from a country with a healthy economy
Republicans: Republicans support the 'trickle down' theory, where tax cuts for the rich will stimulate spending in the top tier of our economy which in turn will increase spending among the lower-income brackets.
Democrats: Democrats want to heavily tax the rich and use that money redistribute the wealth to the poor through programs such as Welfare and Social Security.

Interest Groups Politics: Pennsylvania Prosperity Act (PA)
Pennsylvania created this initiative to help our businesses be successful through new laws and regulations which improve intra-corporation communication and political awareness.
Pays:Only certain industries and businesses contribute to funding this project.
Benefits: The main beneficiaries are business owners who will see more successful business ventures.
Republicans: Republicans are in favor of this project because it promotes business and economic growth.
Democrats: Democrats are in favor of this project because it improves working conditions for employees.

Client Politics: Gravina Island Bridge, Alaska (Bridge to Nowhere)
A bridge connecting the Gravina Island to Ketchikan, Alaska, replacing the existing ferry system.
Pays: All tax-payers will see a portion of their taxes go to support projects such as this.
Benefits: The people that live on or around Gravina Island, Alaska would see an increase in jobs and economic improvement.
Republicans: Republicans want to continue funding this project through completion.
Democrats: The Democrats are opposed to this wasteful spending and would rather use the money for an existing bridge repair.

Entrepreneurial Politics: Wisconsin Cuts Collective Bargaining
Recently, the Wisconsin government has cut the labor union's rights to collective-bargaining, which allows unions to negotiate pay and working benefits.
Pays: Labor Unions will end up paying for this when they have no say their outcomes.
Benefits: Everyone will benefit from a more efficient government that has more control over its spending.
Republicans: Republicans support the decision of conservative Governor Scott Walker, and generally are opposed to labor unions.
Democrats: Democrats are opposed to this decision as they stand for the rights of workers and labor unions.