Group Two

Jerome Goodman

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Jennifer Mills

Energy Independence
· Wind mills
· Solar panels
· Gas pump
· Oil drum
· Nuclear reactor
· Plug
Too much foreign oil dependence, nuclear reactors are unsafe, too expensive, green energy is cleaner/more efficient, we will run out of oil so we must look for renewable options

Marcellus Shale
· Mountain
· Drill
· Bottled water
· Fireplace or stove
· Axe
· Cabin
The government shouldn’t impose on citizen’s land, we need to take advantage of our own resources, it is too dangerous to the health of surrounding citizens

Bridge to Nowhere
· Bridge
· Alaska
· Ferry boat
· Sarah Palin’s face
· Air plane
· Toll booth
This is an incredible waste of tax-payer money, projects such as this make America look foolish, we need to finish projects that we start

Foreign Policy
Conflict in Libya
· Libya
· Tank
· Guns
· Planes
· Missiles
· Gadhafi’s face
America has too many domestic problems to be stirring up trouble overseas, we don’t have the money for another war, it is our moral duty to help those in oppressed countries

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Michael Sturgell

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Brice Werner

Type of policy: Environmental
Policy: Fish Lifts in the Susquehanna River
- Fish
- Weight
- Crane
- River
- Dam
- Tunnel
Viewpoints: It is a wast of money and energy, helps the environment, provides larger habitat for migrating fish

Type of policy: Environmental
Policy: Marcellus Shale/ Natural Gas
- Thermometer
- Pine tree
- Water fountain
- Drill
- Money symbol
- Drinking glass
Viewpoints: It releases harmful chemicals, contaminating the drinking water, land is being wasted drilling for natural gas, more jobs will be created

Type of policy: Environmental
Policy: Energy Independence
- Oil drum
- Drill
- Solar Panel
- Wind turbine
- Money bag
- Gas can
Viewpoints: The U.S. will have to stop relying on foreign oil, the environment would be healthier with alternative forms of energy, the cost to install new forms of energy could be high

Type of policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Gun Control
- Gun
- Bullet
- Drivers license
- Peace sign
- Clip
- Headstone
Viewpoints: Would protect the lives of people, place a burden on the person hoping to buy a gun, it would cost more money to get a background check

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