Social Welfare
-Majoritarian: Universal Health care
Who benefits: Lower income families, or people that cant afford, or have access to health care.
Who pays: Everybody does through taxes.
Conservative: Conservatives are against this because they feel it would put even more strain on a struggling economy. They also don't think its the government job to give its citizens free healh care.
Liberal: Liverals are for this, they feel that it’s an Americans right to free health care.

-Interest Group Labor Union Fight in Wisconsin
Who benefits: The tax payers would benefit because the government would have more money.
Who pays: The teachers and members of the union would pay through there wages being froze or cut.
Conservative: Conservatives are for the cuts because they are trying to get the defecit under control.
Liberal: Liberals are against the cuts because they feel like teachers already dont make enough and dont agree with the legislation. Also liberals are much more pro- union then conservatives.

-Client: :Publicly funded abortion
Who benefits: The lower income citizens that want abortions but cant afford them.
Who pays: The tax payers would be paying because it would be funded through the government.
Conservative: Conservatives are strongly against this because a majority of conservatives are already morally against abortion because they are pro life. So they don't feel like what they see as murder, should be funded by the government.
Liberal: Liberals are normally pro choice, so they feel like an abortion is a health issue that should be funded when the person cant afford it.