Foreign Policy

Increasing Economic Ties with Asian Countries
Conservative View: Support strong economic ties with other nations but are more wary of foreigners than liberals.
Liberal View: Support strong economic ties with other countries.
Who Pays: No one, but there is a risk that everyone will have to pay if things go sour. Particularly local businesses could suffer the most, but this is only if things go bad.
Who Benefits: Everyone who has any economic relations with Asia or the USA. Includes hundreds of millions of citizens.

-Interest Group:
Illegal Immigration in Maryland
Conservative View: Strongly opposed to illegal immigration, supports intensive prevention measures.
Liberal View: Opposed to illegal immigration but more lenient in prevention measures and treatment of immigrants. Less harsh then conservatives.
Who Pays: Illegal immigrants and possibly tax payers.
Who Benefits: American citizens who are looking for jobs.

No Fly Zones in Libya
Conservative View: Supports No Fly Zone without fully committing to war.
Liberal View: Similar to conservative, aid without commitment.
Who Pays: American taxpayers and possibly American soldiers if things escalate.
Who Benefits: The innocent Libyan people who are being slaughtered by Gaddafi and his army.

Egyptian Rebellion
Conservative View: Supports a peaceful transition of power.
Liberal View: Also supports a peaceful transition of power.
Who Pays: The former Egyptian government and those who lost their lives in the protests.
Who Benefits: The vast majority of Egyptian citizens and the rest of the world.