Group 1


Majoritarian: Ocean and Marine Fisheries Conservation
Overview: NOAA's Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration program works with federal, state, tribal sectors. It also works with celan-up agencies and the public to protect coastal and marine resources.

Who benefits: General Public

Who pays: General Public

Conservative: Does not see this type of public policy as a high priority

Liberal: Much more sympathetic to policy on protecting our shores

Interest Group: Midwest High-Speed Rail Network

Overview: For the past few years the people of the Midwest have been trying to establish a high-speed rail netwrok that would connect Chicago to other midwestern cities. This would provide a safe, comfortbale, and fast way to travel. This would be good for the environment because it would avoid pollution and reduce congestion. It will even increase jobs and possibly lead to econmic growth.

Who Benefits: The people of the Midwest

Who Pays: The people of the Midwest

Conservative: Many Conservatives are against High-speed rail networks. They overall less sympathetic to environmental issues or going green ideals.

Liberal: Many Liberals are for high-speed rail networks and other green idea

Entrepreneurial: Natural disaster relief (New Orleans)

Overview: When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 it was named one of the deadliest hirricanes that ever hit the United States. It resulted in destruction across the area and a multitude of fatalities. To this day there is still talk about the government's late response to the victims of the hurricane.

Who benefits: The people of New Orleans

Who pays: People who donate

Conservative: While they are still in favor of natural disaster relief, their services and aid that they want to provide to the victims of the disaster may come a little too late.

Liberal: Are focused on providing equal resources and helpt to all of those who need it as quickly and efficently as possible.

Client: BP Oil Spill

Overview: An explosion took place while one of BP's oil rigs were drilling off the coast of Louisianna. The explosion resulted in 11 fatalities and 4.9 million gallons of oil spilled into the Giulf of Mexico.

Who benefits: The people of the Gulf

Who pays: Gas payers

Conservative: Tend to support BP throughout the entire process

Liberal: Tend to blame BP for the spill and different policies put in place