Group One

Gloria Adjabeng


Natural disaster relief

· Rescue mission
Red Cross ambulance
· Relieve group
· Disaster relive fund
· Efficient and disaster relieve
· Defense security

· More government involvement is needed
· There is not enough money put into it

Foreign Policy
Interest group
· Immigrants should pay taxes
· Education and medical rights
· Limit the amount of immigrants coming in
· More government involvement
· Fine ways to resolve illegal immigration problems
Government should focus more on other important issues first

Social Welfare
Universal health care
· We should support it.
· Helps poor people who cant afford to pay
· Taxes are strongly needed for the fund
· More lives will be saved
· More government evolvement
· Medical bills are too high and should be lowered

Do you have any ideas for art?

Social Welfare
· Disagree with government idea of cutting school funds
· It will result in less education
· Teachers will loose their jobs
· Students will not be able to pay their school bills
· Higher rate of college drop outs
· School will just be another building, less importance

Idea development Comments:



Allison Jacobs

Type of policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Publicly funded Abortion
· Baby/babies
· Government Logo
· Money
· White House
· Binky/bottle
· Stork
Views: Disagree- Why should taxpayers pay for other people’s mistakes and decisions? There are plenty of people who would love to adopt.
Agree- The government and citizens should care for people who are less fortunate and can’t take care of themselves.

Type of policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Universal Health Care
· Healthcare symbol
· US/ World globe
· Donkey vs. Elephant
· Pills
· Cross
· Hospital
Views: Disagree- citizens shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s health problems AND they may not want to pay for Health Care at all, even just for themselves.
Agree- People who can’t access healthcare have the opportunity to do so.

You had some really good ideas, I really liked the Donkey v. Elephant because healthcare is definitely a polarizing issue.

Type of policy: Economic
Policy: Immigration- focus on Amnesty
· Green Card
· US flag
· Fence/ Barbed Wire
· Immigration sign
· Statue of Liberty
· Border tower
Views: Against amnesty- Send illegal immigrants back to their home country AND they are criminals, why should we give them amnesty when they broke the law coming here in the first place?
For amnesty- The illegal immigrants were just searching for a better life and we should welcome them into out county, they are people too.

Type of policy: Social Welfare
Policy: Labor union fight in Wisconsin
· Corporations
· Hard hats
· Money
· Shaking hands
· Signs
· Large group of people
Views: For Wisconsin: Wisconsin has every right to create that law. The basic idea of labor unions is good but it has gone too far.
Against Wisconsin: Labor Unions are good and Wisconsin does not have the right to create that law against them.

Idea Development Comments:


Sean Shaffer=

Type of Policy- Environmental
Policy- BP Oil Spill
-Gulf of Mexico Outline
-Oil Rig
-Gas Tank/Can

Type of Policy- Social Welfare
Policy- Universal Healthcare
-Hospital Cross
-Hospital Logo

Type of Policy- Economic
Policy- Income Tax
-Uncle Sam

Type of Policy- Economic
Policy- Unemployment
-Line of People
- Arrow pointing up
-Chart with stats

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