Foreign Aid: United Nations

Interest Group Politics

Who Pays? Individual donors

Who Benefits? Specific world nations or areas in need

Liberals feel... that the United States must support the United Nations, based on moral and legal obligations, in order to promote world peace and human rights. They believe in working towards the greater good of global welfare and working towards policies of good diplomacy. In the realm of threats to the US, liberals feel that global warming is a greater risk to the well-being of the nation rather than terrorism, linking them to the belief that the war on terror was simply a result of arrogant, US foreign policy.

Conservatives feel... that the United Nations is overall ineffective. They believe that the US alone, as a sovereign nation, has the power to spread the ideals of "freedom, prosperity, tolerance, and peace." Conservatives feel that the single biggest threat to US safety is terrorism and that terrorists should be detected and destroyed immediately.


Group Three